When You Were a Baby - Recycled Book Journal

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When You Were a Baby a Recycled Book Journal, and a perfect baby shower gift.

Each Attic Journal is made using hard-bound vintage school books & library books that were destined for dumpsters, but given new life in our production studio. Every journal is made to last with approximately 75 pages of blank 22 or 24# paper & a sturdy wire binding making them unique and one of a kind.

Attic Journals is owned and operated by wife/husband team of Michelle Sanders and Miguel Salinas. While working in libraries throughout her school years, Michelle became keenly aware of the pipeline to the landfill most discarded books endured. Attic Journals is a company committed to innovative engagement with the byproducts of book production, and they are committed to sustainable offsetting the book discard pipeline by upcycling as much of each book as possible.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon 


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