Unisex Cotton Face Mask with Built in Vent Valve

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Unisex Cotton Face Mask with Built in Vent Valve, nose-clip, adjustable ear straps and internal pocket for optional filter


•High-quality soft cotton making it comfortable to wear.

•Built-in vent valve making it easy to breathe. (1" Valve filters recommended but sold SEPERATELY*)

•Washable and reusable.

•Unisex, 3D Design, Folds for easy carrying.

•Adjustable elastic ear straps.

•Adjustable nose bridge clip sewn inside.

•Internal pocket for optional additional filter insertion. (filter  sold SEPERATELY*)

Available Colors:

•Black & White Plaid

Navy Blue




* PLEASE NOTE: these masks do have two layers of fabric (the pocket) separating the valve and the mouth. The valves are removable for easy cleaning and the pockets are for insertion of recommended PM 2.5 filters. Here are more details on the importance of using filters:

“Based on our current tests, fabrics [alone] are not very efficient in stopping aerosols in a size range of 100 to 400 nanometers,” researchers report. For reference, viral particles from the coronavirus have been found to be as small as 70 nanometers. “This is especially the case for single-layered fabrics. If no filters are available, people should use multiple layers of fabrics, while making sure that there is no leakage from the side of the mask.”

Similarly, Joel Burken, Ph.D., the chair of the department of civil, architectural and environment engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, said that “an efficient filter material that still allows airflow is the best option”. He adds that “a mask that is fitted well and [allows airflow to go] through the filter material is important so that the air we breathe does not bypass the filter.” N-95s filter out the most, but those need to be reserved for healthcare professionals and essential workers on the frontlines.

Instead, Burken says a PM2.5 filter — which many brands are now selling along with reusable cloth face masks — is a good option. It won’t be perfect, he says, but “any filter is still better than no filter” because it’ll catch more viral particles than a cotton mask alone.

If you decide to use a face mask with a filter, be sure to replace the filter after a week of use at most — preferably more often than that if you’re using it daily. Otherwise, the material can start to degrade and the filtration won’t be as effective.”

Source: People Magazine


You could either insert a 1" circle of a PM2.5 inside the valve itself which is removable, (cut from a larger sheet for a more economical, long-lasting solution), OR purchase precut rectangles to put in the inside pocket from one of several sources online like via Etsy (which also gives back to a small-maker type, instead of a large corporation)

To remove the valve, slide a butter knife in along one edge and pop it open, careful to retail the rubber gasket inside, and insert the additional filter over the top. The valve cover snaps back into place.

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