Stained Glass Mistletoe Sprig Suncatcher

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Stained Glass Mistletoe Sprig Suncatcher

Sweet little Mistletoe suncatcher handmade in Portland, Oregon by Tamara Goldsmith

Behold! the Christmas plant parasite, Mistletoe, terrible for trees, toxic to humans and animals, sordidly associated with a tradition of making out beneath it at Christmas time and oddly named after bird poop. It's gained a reputation in recent times as an anti-cancer herb, though there is no conclusive evidence showing its efficacy for any medical purpose.

My sympathy for the vilified underdog in every story is eclipsed only by my growing love of plants... and thus the idea for immortalizing this terrible plant in stained glass seemed fitting.

Measures about 9" long X 5" wide

please note, some variations exist between these but each one is the same size with the same number of sprigs.

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