Redux gladly accepts all *elligible returns and exchanges within a three week period after purchase. Items must be in new, resellable condition and still have tags. Merchandise is available for exchange either online or in-store. Exchanges may be subject to additional shipping charges, but store pickup is always free.

*Redux does not accept returns of plants, geode rings, sale items or custom stained glass or art-work.

Returns and exchanges can be accommodated in one of three ways. Either exchange for an item of equal or lesser value or accept a credit slip for either the difference or entire value owed, which is redeemable in the future for any in-store or online merchandise. 

Please contact us at [email protected] for all return and exchange inquiries.


Redux regretfully do not cover shipping except in special cases or promotion. In the event of a no-fault return or exchange, we are happy to cover additional return shipping charges.

All shipping charges are applied based on USPS shipping rates, weight & dimensions of the item, and distance traveled.


Redux is proud of the vast array of unusual materials and creative applications we feature used by the artisans we promote. As with any extraordinary material, often there are special considerations necessary to be aware of before considering the purchase of any new piece of wearable art.

Most metal jewelry can be cleaned with a commercially available liquid jewelry cleaner or polishing cloth. We would caution you NOT to use these cleaning methods on jewelry with soft or organic stones such as pearls, opals, or inlay of any kind. Never submerge watch parts or steel, and never buff plated metals using a polishing cloth. Often the best way to clean and brighten your metal is with a dampened soft-bristle toothbrush and a dab of toothpaste. This acts as a mild abrasive, similar to what is embedded in a standard jewelry polishing cloth. You could also remove tarnish and stains using a chemical cleaner like Tarnex for silver and Brasso for brass and copper, followed by a thorough warm water rinse. Sterling chain is best cleaned with Tarnex.

Wood & leather should not be exposed to water for long periods. Wood jewelry also likes a little bit of oiling about once a year to keep it from drying out. Geode rings, vinyl record and glass jewelry will not withstand rough wear or high impacts. Feather jewelry can get wet but must be laid flat to dry back into its original shape. Typewriter keys, pendant watches, and butterfly jewelry should not get wet.

We do not recommend anyone sleep in any jewelry except small posts with nylon nut backs, or baby catchless hoop earrings. It’s also not a good idea to shower in jewelry, as it increases the risk of breakage, plating wear, glue joints to fail and stones to fall out.

Raw Brass Jewelry: Raw brass means its not been coated in any kind of protective wax or polyurethane. Without a coating, the color of raw brass will warm up in time to a darker hue, but it's original shine may be restored with a little maintenance. Polishing Cloths work well, as well as chemical cleaners or simply a soft-bristled toothbrush with a dab of toothpaste are often all you need.

Sterling Silver Jewelry: All Sterling Silver should have a stamped quality mark of “925”. This indicates 925 parts per thousand of Fine silver within a jewelry grade alloy. Silver is alloyed with a minimal content of trace metals like nickel, copper, and brass in order to make it an ideal workability for the jeweler and functionality for the wearer.  Silver will tarnish if stored out where it can oxidize. (ie., by being exposed to oxygen.) The best way to store jewelry is in baggies where it will retain it’s high polish longer. (For best results, be sure to squeeze out all air before sealing.) Another great way to store your jewelry in order to see and wear more often is to hang it up in a display. Keeping jewelry away from babies and pets and considering proper storage will keep it tangle-free and ready to wear when you need it.

Gold Fill Jewelry: A gold fill is a thick layer of gold that has been bonded to the surface of a finished piece of base metal jewelry. It is a longer-lasting option to a 14K plate and a more affordable alternative to solid 14K gold. A pinkish hue indicates a Rose Gold Fill, which is a 14K gold plating that has a higher content of copper.

Plated Jewelry: As referenced throughout our website, "white plate" often refers to a Rhodium plating and a "yellow plate" to a 14K gold plated piece. Plated pieces are made to mimic the look of gold, at a fraction of the price. Ultimately it is costume jewelry, meant for fun, inexpensive and occasional wear, and not meant to last a lifetime.

Rings and Ring Sizing: It can be difficult to buy a ring that isn’t adjustable as a gift without first knowing the ring size of the recipient. If a ring is gifted and doesn’t fit it may be difficult to replace it with the same ring in a different size. Sometimes we can order different sizes from certain vendors, but not all are able to accommodate. We will make every effort to accommodate size requests of our artisans.

Necklaces and chain length: The “average” woman’s size is about a 16”. A pendant on a 16” chain typically falls right in the supra-sternal notch, right between the clavicles. The majority of the chains we sell are usually 18” or longer. Consider when gifting a necklace, how low the recipient likes to have their necklaces fall, either above the clothing neckline, or below.


Should your piece break in the future, please check with us about the possibility of having the artist repair or replace a broken piece for you. We are happy to follow up on your behalf to learn how best to handle each unique situation. If a missing stone can be replaced, or a solder joint or glue job be possible, we will inquire and let you know. sometimes an artist has expenses incurred from certain types of repairs, which result in small fees. Anything we can fix in store over the counter is free, minus the cost of additional findings or materials.


We require either a $20 non-refundable deposit towards a special order of a particular piece. This deposit goes towards the final price of your piece. We will provide you with total cost estimates of a special ordered item, including special order fees, shipping and also what the time-frame for delivery might be. We will do our best to source an item you may remember we once had but might currently be out of. We are not responsible for delays that might be caused through the production department of a company or artisan we work with or shipping delays of an order.


Some people have allergies to certain metals. The most common allergy is to nickel, and the most common reaction is itching and redness of the skin. Sometimes we can replace the shepherd hook of an allergy-inducing earring with niobium or surgical stainless steel to test which option might work best. Please inquire about the modification of a piece that might be causing you allergy annoyance! Often there are inexpensive options.


It is possible to apply a chemical patina to certain metals. “Oxidized” generally refers to a sterling silver that has had a patina applied to it which darkens the hue considerably. Another neat look for designs in relief is to oxidize a metal and bring the surface up to a high polish by buffing on a polishing wheel. The contrast of these bright white silver against outlines of dark patina can be really striking. Many of the pendants and rings in our house line can be special ordered with a specific patina if desired. One can achieve a green patina on brass and copper, and we can remove a high polish by brushing the surface of any unplaced metal for a matte, dull look. Please inquire about the possible customization of your piece!


Generally candles last longest if not burned longer than an hour at a time. As a general rule, smaller votive candles burn about 7 to 9 hours for each ounce of wax you use. Larger candles with long wicks burn wax at a much faster rate. A typical estimate for larger candles averages 5 to 7 hours for each ounce, giving a 12-ounce candle 60 to 84 hours of burn time. All of our candles are soy wax with either a natural cotton wick or wood-wick.