Water Cast Pearl Ring, Sterling Silver

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Water Cast Pearl Ring, Sterling Silver

by Krissy Maier


This is such an interesting ring that all metalworkers will appreciate in terms of the process of lost wax casting. When mixing a new alloy of whatever type of metal one is working with, the first step is to combine different metals by blending them in an appropriate ratio by melting them together, then one pours them into water to quench them. This quenching step can create interesting droplet shapes in addition to the typical casting "shot", later used in lost wax casting. The drops of molten metal essentially "freeze" in the shape they are in at the precise moment that they hit the water. On rare occasions, you get the tulip cavity shape as found and used in this ring. This ring is the product of this alloy-making process and is truly one of a kind piece! Later a beautiful freshwater pearl was set inside the cavity and voila! This beautiful ring was conceived as a product of luck, ingenuity and craftsmanship.

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