"Ringmaster of the Shitshow" - Vintage Upcycled Plate Art

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"Ringmaster of the Shitshow" - Vintage Upcycled Plate Art

Mama said there's be days years like this. Mom deserves a medal. This cute mom with her puppies plate would be a perfect gift for Mother's Day, especially if 1971 had some significance in their lives.

These funky, fun, and one-of-a-kind pieces are made from upcycled decorative plates. Given a whole new meaning with the captions they reveal, these adorable pets are waiting to be adopted into their forever homes.  These will be a fabulous addition to your home kitsch-collection.

Made in-house by Tamara Goldsmith.

Measures approximately 7” X 7” and comes with a plate holder to easily affix to your wall.


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