Plaid #2 Mask - Handmade Fabric Face Mask

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Plaid #2 Mask - Handmade Fabric Face Mask



These handmade masks are made by yours truly, from Cotton Fabric found at my local fabric store. I use long pieces of woven trim instead of elastic ear-loops for this particular style, which loops over the head and ties tight at the back of the neck. These are better for folks who have to wear a mask all day and have the problem of elastic chafing around the back of the ears from prolonged wear. I prefer the form-fitted duckbill pattern by Shannie Makes because it was the most comfortable for virtually every adult face size and shape, with an air-pocket inside for easy breathability, while still providing a tight seal around all sides. They also fit perfectly under glasses with an aluminum bendable section to conform to the bridge of one's nose for those who tire of the fogging problem so many ill-fitting masks create. I also like that you can temporarily slip off the top and it can be worn snug under your neck until you are ready to slip it back on so you don’t lose the mask.

*They do NOT include a pocket for filters. I found that adding filters or more than 2 layers greatly reduces the ability to breathe and made any type of prolonged athletic activity while wearing one virtually impossible. The inner lining is a soft, black cotton fabric. After much experimentation, I settled on this 2-ply style with a good fit but limited features. They are perfect for walking around the neighborhood or going grocery shopping.

They are made in small batches, and multiples can be special ordered by emailing me at [email protected]


These are 2-ply fabric masks without any filter protection proven to eliminate the possibility of transmitting or contracting COVID-19. These are breathable, HAND-washable options for folks who need to wear a mask long term, have minimal distanced contact with people, and are not meant to act as medical-grade virus protection.

They are perfect for going out on walks because they are breathable and act as a great physical barrier as a reminder not to touch your face. They also send a signal to those around you that you care about their welfare and well being enough to protect them from unnecessary exposure you may be exhibiting as a possible carrier of the virus. Should you sneeze, droplets would remain contained rather than go airborne.

Thank you so much and Stay Safe!!

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