Entelechy Bear canvas patch - by Abacus Corvus

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Entelechy Bear canvas patch - by Abacus Corvus

Entelechy Bear - Handmade Fabric screenprint

MEASURES: 7 3/4 X 9 3/4

This original art screened canvas is by Abacus Corvus out of Marshall, NC. Abacus Corvus features collaborative illustrations by Corina Dross and Jocelyn (Jo) Mosser. 

"Entelechy" is: A spell for achieving your full potential. A grizzly bear opens its mouth to swallow the moon. Deer jawbones and oak leaves provide stability; spectral light streams down from above.

We carry the canvas screened patches of this dynamic duo, who also make the Portable Fortitude Playing card deck.

single-color screenprint on off-white cotton fabric. Large enough for a back patch - with raw edges and enough space to hem before sewing

Can also be a wall hanging, or sewed onto pillows or quilts. 


Each patch is hand-pulled and unique, with slight differences. Heat-set and washable.

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