Old Married Couples Coaster Single - Versatile

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Old Married Couples Coaster Single - Versatile

Golden Girls Coasters Set - Versatile

Versatile makes beautiful, fun, and functional drink coasters by printing graphics and designs onto custom fired ceramic tiles. 

This series is sold individually! You can order a set of all 4, when you add each style desired to your shopping cart from the drop down menu! Available while supplies last.

Made from a proprietary ceramic blend which means they will absorb the condensation right off your glassware - no more water rings on your tables!

4" x 4" absorbent ceramic coaster tile.

  • Versatile branded cork pad on bottom.
  • Durable uv printed graphics.
  • Natural look tumbled edges.
  • Bonus: sets of 4 comes with gift box.

Versatile Coasters is a company based in Ottawa, Ontario.

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