"No Spoons Left" - Vintage Upcycled Plate Art

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"No Spoons Left, Only Knives" - Vintage Upcycled Plate Art

A phrase used by some to express the frustration of living with chronic illness. One of the most useful articles in recent years was the spoon theory, Christine Miserandino’s thoughts on how we represent energy and chronic issues to those that might not understand them.

These funky, fun, and one-of-a-kind pieces are made from upcycled decorative plates. Given a whole new meaning with the captions they reveal, these adorable plates are modified using expertly applied solid and glitter permanent vinyl lettering.  They would such a fabulous addition to any home kitsch-collection. Made in-house by Tamara Goldsmith.

Measures approximately 6” dia. and comes with a plate holder to easily affix to your wall.

FOR DECORATIVE USE ONLY! (does not come with a table top easel)

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