Mano Figa Pendant by Shiny Apple Studio

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Mano Figa Pendant by Shiny Apple Studio

The fig sign ("mano figa") is one of the better known protective gestures for warding off the evil eye.

These 22-karat gilded enamel charms (available in coral & white) are paired with lavender-pink pearls and comes with a backer card in a gift box.

Charms of the sign originated in Etruscan Italy where they were traditionally carved in coral to evoke Turan, the goddess of love, fertility, and vitality. Figa hands also had a heyday in the Victorian era as young women made their grand tours of Europe and collected charms along the way, and are still popular in Brazil and Portugal as amulets.

Details, details:
• 22-karat gilded cloisonné charm
• 1.25" tall
• 18" 18-karat gold plated chain
• lavender cultivated pearl (exact color may vary slightly)
• Shiny Apple Studio back stamp

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