"It Costs that much" - Vintage Upcycled Plate Art

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"It Costs that much" - Vintage Upcycled Plate Art

If you are a creative small business or maker, you can probably relate... this popular meme has taken Instagram by storm with all the makers using it in their reels to demonstrate politely to all those who balk at the price of their wares.

Written by Woah Dude, it's a hilarious song we totes recommend you check out on youtube and/or make your own reel using it on Instagram or Tik Tok!

These funky, fun, and one-of-a-kind pieces are made from upcycled decorative plates. Given a whole new meaning with the captions they reveal, these adorable plates are modified using expertly applied solid and glitter permanent vinyl lettering.  They would such a fabulous addition to any home kitsch-collection. Made in-house by Tamara Goldsmith.

Measures approximately 8” X 8” and comes with a plate holder to easily affix to your wall.


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