Elk Vertebra - Taxidermy Preservation

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Elk Vertebra - Taxidermy Preservation

The authentic Elk Vertebra you receive is exactly the one pictured.

It is local to the northwest and was acquired from a local taxidermist, "SkullDuggery" a subsidiary of Beacon Hill Biological Services here in the Pacific Northwest. They have been cleaned naturally using environmentally friendly processes including hundreds of hours of specialized cleaning methods. Specializing in PNW biology, education, and skull preparations using dermestid beetles, forensic osteology, and environmental consulting, Beacon Hill is our main source for our skulls, specimens, and jewelry.

We believe we honor the animal when we use all parts of its body, whether for food as meat or as educational purposes or in reverence of some aspects of it's natural inherent beauty. These skulls and animal parts are celebrated and elevated to a level of would otherwise have been regarded as nothing more than trash. 

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