Dune Stained Glass Window Hanging

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Dune Stained Glass Window Hanging

This beautiful copper-foiled stained glass window was handmade by me, Tamara Goldsmith in my Portland, OR studio for Redux Collective. This landscape is inspired by Dune, the movie. The glass sky is cut from such a gorgeous stippled sheet from Oceanside Glass. I also enjoyed doing some of the painted details in the fabric cloak... I used permanent glass paint for that but let the nuances inherent in the actual glass guide the coloration for the rest of the landscape and double moons.

The piece will be carefully wrapped to prevent breakage during domestic shipping.

It hangs from a black chain about 5 inches from the top and the piece itself is about 12” in diameter.

60/40 lead/tin solder was used and the border is lead came. 

Lead is not dangerous to have in your home in an art-piece like this unless sanded or causing lead-dust to be airborne and inhaled or somehow ingested. However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands well after cleaning or handling the piece.

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