Sweetheart Pack: Balloons

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Sweetheart Balloon Pack*


-You're My Person

-You Make My Heart Happy

-Heart <3

*3 Balloons - Colors Randomly Assigned

These balloons can either be filled with helium or air. If you are interested in helium, you can take these in to any party store and most grocery stores and they will fill them for you (there may be a helium fee associated). 
Please note, only helium will make the balloons float. Due to the nature of helium, after they are inflated, the balloons will remain floating for 6-9 hours. Blowing balloons up with your breath does not make them float, but the balloons sticks allows them to still make a great party decoration! When filled with your own air, the balloons have a much longer life, and can last up to weeks.

This item is NOT returnable! Would you want something shipped to you that might have touched another person's mouth? GROSS. 


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