Copper Ring & Retaining Ring Trio Necklace- Artofactory

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Copper Ring & Retaining Ring Trio Necklace- Artofactory

These pieces are made with an industrial, steampunk vibe and 100% made by hand often in limited edition runs.

The steel ball chain is super long, but easily cut down with any standard side cutters to fit to your liking. It's clasp is pressure fit from a rubber gasket, sliding up and down for adjustability.

Generations of innovators have brought us to an era of great abundance, far too much of what they've done is hidden. Artifactory is the work of Eghan Thompson of Grass Valley, CA. He works to celebrate the elegance of material of human design; acts of innovation, as an extension of the natural beauty of matter and life. In short, he enjoys making nice things from useful parts.


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