Cast Bird Skull, Brass (chain sold separately)

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Cast Bird Skull, Brass (chain sold separately)

This beautiful, heavy piece is an anatomically correct copy cast from an actual bird skull 

This piece is part of the Redux jewelry house line, in effect since circa 2006. We are pleased to offer these in two different metal types: Sterling silver and Brass. Utilizing the ancient lost-wax casting method, it is carved first in wax and transformed from wax to metal. Either comes in different finish options, Sterling can be Oxidized, and Brass can be antiqued with a light brushed finish for a softer, dirtier look.

We have SO MANY beautiful chains available! Check out our assortment and grab the right metal type, length, finish and style that's perfect for you and your new piece. If you need assistance with the pairing, just ask! We are always happy to help.   Hit us up at [email protected]

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