Alligator Head - Taxidermy Preservation

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Alligator Head - Preserved Taxidermy Specimen

Skull, #1 Quality, Gator Head, Cleaned & Dried, Real, Genuine, Natural, Animal Skull

Size: Skulls are approximately 8-12" long 

The head you receive is very similar to the one pictured, but possibly not the same one.

This is an authentic alligator head from an alligator farm. They have been commercially cleaned and dried with the skin on, and are ready for your craft project or as a decorative novelty piece for your curiosity cabinet.

It has top and bottom jaws and most teeth intact, however, these gator heads may have missing/broken teeth, scars, scrapes, cuts, etc. These are real alligators and will have imperfections. These gator heads do not have felt backing - the open backs of some of the heads have been painted black.

These come from an alligator farm, where they are raised for their meat. We believe we honor the animal when we use all parts of its body, which would otherwise have been discarded. 

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